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University entrant-2016: worth a try!

Open education: free access to valuable knowledge

Now everyone will be able to register and test the technology in action. All results of the control will be considered for admission to study at the applicant Sumy State University! Good Luck!

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Choice of specialty

Shadrina Arina, a student of SSU (“Management”): choosing a profession, each person, first of all, have to answer to yourself at the question: “Why did I choose this profession?”. There is no company can exist without managers – as soon as the company immediately starts up first go the requirement in the management of this company. That’s particular the managers do today. Therefore it may be said that today, manager – is one of the main and most-searched occupation.

Bayandina Olga, a student at SSU (specialty “Informatics”): A particularity of our time is the transformation of post-industrial society in the information. So, the important task is to train the people for life in that society and creating conditions for eternal education. Therefore, focusing on the up-to-date labor market, education to priorities are to operate such technologies and knowledge that meet the requirements of the information society, will prepare us to new roles in society.

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The enterprises suggest the commercial courses, and state universities to re-educate to engineers, technicians, mechanics and others ITR distantly. "Students, for example of Kharkov Polytechnic University have access to the site of distance learning and tasks (lectures, laboratory work, etc.) for a semester. Carrying out task, they pass the tests for each training module. During the exams, the students have to be in training centers with written document assignments for submission for passing credits and exams ", – explains Vladimir Tkachenko, head of the portal

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